DevOps Services

Improving Collaboration and Delivery

The digital wave has compelled enterprises to converge their development and operations with the rest of the organization. The key concerns raised by organizations are either on stability, timely release or addressing the issues before they impact the end users. In such a scenario, irrespective of the size of a company, VOLANSYS strongly recommends embracing DevOps, which is being adopted widely across industries. 

The prime goal of DevOps is bridging the gap between development and operations, thereby improving efficiency and speed at each stage of the product lifecycle. VOLANSYS as a trusted DevOps service provider, has expertise in DevOps workflow automation, continuous integration and deployment pipeline, microservices architecture and dockerization.

DevOps Services and Consultation

VOLANSYS has helped many companies across the globe from diverse industries, to embark upon their digital transformation journey by delivering DevOps services and consultation. Our team of DevOps engineers ensure improving deployment frequency, yielding faster time-to-market, reducing failure rate of new releases, shortening lead time between fixes and faster time to recovery.

DevOps Lifecycle phases


DevOps focused digital transformation
Continuous testing and performance monitoring via Selenium, JMeter, Appium, Cucumber etc
Agile development using Node, AngularJS, Java, PHP
Microservices architecture
Continuous integration with GitHub, Bitbucket, Kubernetes, Ansible etc
Continuous deployment using Docker, Jenkins, Maven, Bamboo etc