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July 2019

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Key Areas to Consider while Choosing Technology Partner

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, technology partnerships have acquired greater strategic importance and complexity. Partnerships have always been considered as a perilous strategy while selling new products/services, touching new customer segment…

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Modular IoT Gateway

Modular IoT Gateway  provides flexibility to design IoT Solutions for Industries ranging from Home HealthCare, Transportation and other IoT Industries. IoT Ecosystem demands upper-bound and lower-bound flexibility in terms of connectivity. Multi-Radio Connectivity and…

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Implementing Serverless Microservices Architecture on AWS

Our previous article on AWS Serverless platform talked about the fundamentals and benefits of Serverless Multi-Tier architecture. In this article, we will explain how enterprises can implement Serverless Microservices architecture…

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Efficient Testing Techniques for Optimal RF Performance of IoT Product

IoT solutions have application-specific dependability when they are exposed to varied environmental conditions. For example, a smart meter- installed in the basement of the apartment must handle tough coverage conditions.…

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Wireless Protocols for IoT Based Asset Tracking Solutions

How to Select the Right Wireless Protocol for Asset Tracking System? Wireless protocol selection plays a major role in the entire asset tracking system designing. The selection of the protocol…