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June 2017

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How Connected Medical Devices and Integrated Mobile Applications Address Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

Because of the rapid population growth and increased lifestyle diseases, remote patient monitoring and health control have become some of the top emerging technologies for healthcare shareholders globally. As per…

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Healthcare and Data Science

Healthcare is one of the expensive and critical domain compared to other domains like, retail, manufacturing, banking etc. Each individual piece of information in healthcare can have life or death…

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Micrium OS – Why It Should Be The First Choice For Building Connected Medical Devices?

Medical devices are a special breed that will touch all of us in some way. We need to take extra care when designing these systems to ensure that the device…

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Implementing Fog Computing for IoT Ecosystem

Industry 4.0 empowers Industrial Solution to adopt and leverage data gathering and analytics capabilities of Cloud Computing for predictive analysis, reducing maintenance downtime, centralized storage, and remote management. But with…

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Best Practices for Designing Connected Devices

Advances in embedded computing on faster, smaller platforms offering greater functionality combined with systems connectivity supported by data identification, aggregation and mining is what’s driving the IoT marketplace today. As…