Use Appium to Automate Android & iOS Mobile Testing

Use Appium to Automate Android & iOS Mobile Testing

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In rendering mobile apps for diverse platform test automation plays a very important role and this is evident in the increasing interest and focus of enterprises in application testing. This is also the reason why automated testing services are being provided by many enterprise mobility solution providers.

Mobile App Testing Automation ensures the key advantages like minimizing the time for test execution, covering larger areas of app aspects in less time, avoiding regression issues with repetitive runs, etc. Most important of all, it minimizes the chances of human error when going through the testing phase.

Appium is a cross-platform open source mobile app testing tool that gained popularity among developers because of unparalleled versatility and superb reliability.

  • What is Appium?

Appium is a versatile, reliable and developer-friendly, open source test automation tool for mobile apps. Developed to support all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Firefox OS the tool has gained wide attention and popularity thanks to its reliable architecture and ease of deployment. To interact with the apps on iOS and the Android platform, it makes use of JSON wire on Selenium WebDriver.

  • Appium and Mobile Automation Testing Challenges

Obviously, for automation testing you have several other Mobile App Test Automation tools in the market today, such as KIF, MonkeyTalk, Calabash and Frank. But what makes Appium the chosen one among them? Well, while most of these tools need an extra agent for compiling the code with core app code for the sake of interacting with the app, Appium can do without such agent. Before submitting your app to the App Store you need to remove the compiled agent codes. Thus, it results in testing an app which is different from the one submitted to the app stores.

  • Key Advantages of Appium

Appium as a sophisticated mobile automation tool offers unparalleled advantages compared to many other tools.

  • First of all, with Appium the entire range of complexities is handled under the single roof of Appium server
  • The automation testing developer can be ensured of having the same experience irrespective of the differences in platforms
  • Appium makes the way for easy and reliable cross-platform mobile testing as it would allow performing same tests on a variety of platforms
  • The biggest advantage with Appium is that it does not need to use any compiler agent to interact with the respective app. So, there is no need to remove compiled codes before submitting the app to app stores
  • It is open source, reliable and enjoys great support from the developed community with the capability to automate the Web, Hybrid and Native apps
  • How can VOLANSYS help their customers in Automated Testing with Appium?

VOLANSYS is an enterprise mobility company that has benchmarked mobile automation processes. With experienced mobile testing professionals and robust testing infrastructure, we at VOLANSYS can ensure testing your enterprise apps as per international standards. We actively endorse Appium as a reliable automation testing tool for enterprise apps.

With an enterprise mobility experiencing rapid growth, the role of fast paced, reliable and less complex automation testing tools like Appium became more prominent.

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