Top 5 Tips for Mobile Application UI/UX

Top 5 Tips for Mobile Application UI/UX

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When you are designing a native app UI you need to consider several things. First of all, you are building the UI for the smaller screen and naturally you have real constraints in respect of screen real estate. Secondly, you are addressing an audience with a very short attention span that requires your UI to respond at the speed of thought.


How can Mobile App Development address these challenges? Well, while there are several effective approaches to this problem, we will introduce a few of the most relevant tips.

Incorporate Interaction Design

Less screen space does not prevent you from incorporating interaction design, but actually requires more interaction. Here are the five basic elements of interaction design that every mobile application needs to attest.

  • Goal Centric Design: You need to design for your target user. To know the preferences of your users, you need to research and create user personas
  • Usefulness: It must solve a problem for customers and more easily it does the better if it is for the application
  • Affordance & Signifiers: In mobile app design affordance referred to the app function while the signifiers direct the users to these functions. You need to design signifiers to guide users to functions in the right manner
  • Learnability: A mobile app should allow users in learning how to use the app easily and as fast as possible
  • Feedback & Response: Mobile app development must be equipped with tools to let users know whether a task is completed

Knowing Users

The biggest constraint in custom mobile app development is concerning users. More you know the users in-depth, better you can address their concerns and make UI and UX better. Here are some effective tips to understand your users.

  • Personas: Create user personas based on the expected behavior of users
  • User scenarios: Determine different user scenarios in which persons will react differently
  • Mapping experience: By mapping experience, you can know all the possible conditions for a single interaction

Flow Mapping with Prototype

Mobile app development for enterprises can be benefited in more ways than one by mapping the user flows in several actions. The best way to do it is to create an app prototype consisting page by page sketches of the app with all its buttons and design elements.

Boost Usability with Patterns

The Mobile app design can easily incorporate ease of use through various design patterns that enjoy the familiarity of the users. Several design elements can easily be achieved, including the use of the thumb, orientation and buttons. Studying common faults and shortcomings in various apps will also help boost usability to a great extent.

Designing for the Thumb

While most users hold their phone single handed and use their thumbs for navigating through their apps, your UI elements must be placed within the close range of the thumb. This zone is referred popularly, as Mobile Thumb Zone has become a crucial consideration for building apps friendly for interaction and engagement.

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