TMS – Tele Medicine System

The customer is a Medical Hospital Group. As a part of their using advanced technology to save the patient’s life, they wanted to develop a Tele Medicine System to be used during the transit time of the ambulance. The system is a new concept to help doctors save the patient’s life by effectively using the transit time of the ambulance. When an ambulance carries a patient, the nurse in the ambulance starts conducting various tests like ECG, blood pressure, etc. The graphs & data of these results are transmitted to a secure server using the WiFi service. And on the other hand doctor starts observing the data. By the time the ambulance reaches the hospital, the doctor is ready for the necessary treatment. This eliminates the need of conducting the tests when the patient arrives at the hospital. The software also provides the facility of live video chat between the nurse & the doctor.


Ambulance Nurse end Application

  • ECG streaming
  • Vital Sign streaming
  • Stethoscope audio streaming
  • Ultra-Sound Streaming
  • Medical Camera Streaming
  • Live Chat [Audio and Video]

Hospital Doctor end Application

  • ECG Receiving in High-Definition
  • Vital Sign Receiving in High-Definition
  • Stethoscope Audio Receiver
  • Ultra-Sound Receiving in High-Definition
  • Medical Camera Receiving in High-Definition
  • Live Chat [Audio and Video]
  • Requirement Study & Feature List Finalization
  • Complete Software Design and Development
  • Functional and Load Testing of the System