Smart Solution for Water Heaters, Boilers and HVAC
Client Overview

US based manufacturer that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products.

Business Challenge

Customer was looking for Mobile and Cloud services provider for the enhancement of existing mobile app as well as cloud migration

  • Existing Mobile App Concerns
    • Poor-quality mobile app: multiple crashes, critical bugs, usability issues
    • End-user complaints: no visibility regarding resolving issues in terms of technical solution as well as timeline
    • Frequent server disconnects
    • Issues in provisioning App with HVAC, water heater and many other end devices
  • Customization
    • Migration from generic cloud platform to IoT specific cloud platform
    • Integrate voice-activated control with existing devices using Alexa smart home and Google Home
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Resolved issues in heater provision within one week
    • Optimization – modification in the order of steps executed in provisioning flow
  • Modifications in the application (Android, iOS):
    • Ongoing App sustenance engineering and customer support
    • Revamp Mobile App with better UI/UX and features enhancements:
      • Set Point Adjustment (For water heater temperature)
      • Indicators:
        • Running: indicates that the water is being heated
        • Vacation: indicates that the set point is at 65 degree
      • Enable/Disable: to heat water
      • Notification & Alerts
        • Notify the state of the valve
        • Alert for checking the water heater
      • Usage Report
        • Daily/Monthly/Yearly
        • Graphical/Text
    • New features implementation: Intelligent gas water heater – controlling all the thermostats using a single master device or mobile app
  • Migrating from Generic AWS cloud to IoT specific cloud platform
    • Collaboration and development on new cloud
    • Solved the issue of polling (Real-time updates from device to cloud to mobile app now) which was not possible with existing Cloud
    • Transform and migrate legacy application and databases for the cloud
    • MQTT support with faster response and throughput, and lower battery and bandwidth usage
    • Dynamic configuration (new product can be added in system just by setting their configurations
    • Scalability was an issue in existing cloud which needed to be addressed in new cloud
  • Support for voice-enabled control:
    • Google Home
    • Amazon Alexa (Certified with WWA Badge- Smart Home Skills)
  • End-to-end Quality Testing with Volanium test automation framework suit
    • IoT Device Testing – Edge Device, Sensor, Gateway
    • Mobile Application Testing
    • Cloud Testing
Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-Smart Solution for Water Heaters
Benefits Delivered
  • Rapid Turn Around Time
    • Resolved issues in heater provision within 7 days
    • Reduced average customer complaints
  • Faster time to Market
    • Completed cloud migration in just 4-5 months
  • Improved customer comfort with voice activated solution
  • Process Optimization
    • Integration to Jira and GitHub for release management
  • Streamline Operations
    • Collaboration with three different teams working at different places and time zones putting best project management practices
  • Cost effective
    • Since the older cloud was not scalable and resource hungry, we delivered micro services architecture enabled cost effective cloud solution.
  • Dynamic UI in Mobile App
    • New products can be added into the system seamlessly, the product can be created into the Cloud, once the configuration is created and pushed, it just works in the mobile app.