Increase solar energy generation by 30% with solar plant monitoring device

Solar energy generating firm up to 40 MW power with its own Solar Farm having thousands of solar panels installed. The client is heading its way ahead with the vision of building a Green World from renewable sources of energy.


Enhance energy generation efficiency from the renewable source sun:

  • Monitoring panels and keep a check on working conditions
  • Solar energy generation as per sun’s direct ray shift
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh environment with long operational life
  • Controller device firmware upgrade support

VOLANSYS helped the client design and develop the device – Single Axis Tracker from concept including hardware and software front. Hydraulic Pressure Unit Controller (HPUC) is a Single Axis Tracking system engineered with the complex Solar Tracking Algorithm to make sure that sun tracking is achieved most effectively, irrespective of seasonal changes. The device has features like:

  • Single Axis Tracking with multiple sensors like wind sensors and tilt sensors
  • Display and Keypad interface for user configuration and status view
  • Multiple configurable parameters:
  • Longitude, Latitude, Time-Zone, Date and Time
  • Tilt angle Threshold, Wind speed Threshold
  • Backtracking parameters
  • Programmable sun tracking accuracy
  • Panel STOW position at 0⁰ (or user programmed) when wind speed is higher than programmed wind speed threshold
  • Control and observe multiple HPUC from single SCADA system

Product Engineering: 

  • Designed and developed complete SAT-HPU Controller using ARM Cortex M3controller interfacing multiple sensors
  • Provided External interfaces for wind sensor, tilt sensor, relays, VFD, OTG
    On board protections for external factors like ESD, Surge transients, reverse polarity to avoid unit failure on field
  • Sturdy and attractive metal enclosure for added product reliability and robustness
    Field commissioning and maintenance

Firmware Development:

  • Developed time based sun tracking and backtracking algorithm in C language using GMT clock to eliminate the shadow effect during morning to evening hours
  • Programmed ±1ᵒ sun tracking accuracy from east to west
  • Embedded RTC to maintain real time even when system shuts down

Quality Engineering:

  • Regression testing of backtracking algorithm to avoid shadow of adjacent panels
Benefits Delivered
  • Generated 30% higher energy compared to fixed angle solar modules
  • Robust industrial design featuring protection for external factors like ESD, surge transients and reverse polarity
  • Non-volatile memory back-up for up-to 25 days
  • Withstands harsh field environments (works at ~ 50°C ambient temperature)