Paas – Platform For Unified Social Communication

Staying connected has become utterly important now-a-days. This project was one of the rare ones that involved compiling social networking facilities onto one single hub platform so that the end-user can access all his social networks using a single interface.


We worked with the client, acting as his sole engineering and product realization division. The goal was to develop a customized tablet for user rich housing communities and give them in-community social networking along with other social networking and IM channels within single interface such as Facebook, gtalk , twitter, Yahoo!, etc. The end-user would hence, be able to operate all possible communication channels including Calls, IMs, messages and emails from a single interface. The product also aimed to enable the user to connect to a cloud based server and share contents with other co-users including office files, videos, audios, folders, events, tasks.


Enabling in-community social networking implied building a completely new social platform with super-vigilant security enablers. This was a singular big task. That apart, bringing together all other social networking platforms and facilitating them to function seamlessly from a singular point of operation needed in-depth engineering expertise.

  • Turnkey Solution to deliver a platform for unified social communication including a customized Android Tablet
  • Central Cloud Server to Sync-up user data
  • Custom Apps (contacts, friend finder, logger, quick pad, audio / video conferencing, file, folder & task sharing IM (Facebook, Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo!)
  • Provide Internal VoIP and Video calling facility
  • Android Gingerbread and Android hardening
  • Feature vs. Cost Analysis for Different Tab Venders

VOLANSYS helped the client realize his product offering from conceptualization to completion. We took sole responsibility of hardware and software designing, infused multiple layers of security to create a cushion that would keep unwanted requests off the bay. Following list shows our contribution:

  • Contributed customer realize product from the concept by working as a partner
  • Design of GUI and the applications
  • Designed and integrated Cloud with RESTful APIs for sharing and sync features
  • Designed and developed user Log-in panel for centralize data management
  • Integrated VoIP server and mail server with client cloud
  • Implemented cloud centric algorithm for inter device sharing and tracking
  • Made modifications in Android Framework for custom look-n-feel and developed / customized product specific apps
  • Helped customer in the marketing and sales