Online Training Portal

The client is in the business of imparting training. The client wanted to provide online training with the lab. The project was to design an online training based portal. When user enrolls for training, he/she can browse through subject related videos, presentations, tutorials and also have an access of VNC session to remote system in a browser. Based on subject or training module, user can practice programming in online code editor. These all gives the user an online real ‘LAB’ experience. The whole solution uses cloud based services. The solution provides responsive user interface to support Mobile and Tablets.


The project objective was to develop an Online Training Portal which not only provides dynamic content to for learning but also a platform for practical ‘experiment’, so the Students don’t need to invest into high configuration systems and costly licenses.


Below were the major challenges

  • To make the learning self-paced and interactive at the same time
  • Decide on tools for self-experimenting platforms
  • To track student’s problems and progress
  • To make platform available to 3rd party instructors
  • To make application more secure for authentication
  • Creates online VNC sessions for each user from remote cloud server
  • Online code editor – EDA playground for students to work from home / remote location
  • Responsive user interface for PC, tablet and mobile platforms
  • Support for adding third party applications
  • View Presentations in browser
  • View video tutorials securely
  • Live chat support with the instructor
  • Save notes based on video time-frame and resume playback
  • Browse training modules
  • Student tracking and reporting, view usage statistics

We designed & developed training portal by dividing training into multiple modules, where each module has their specific content and content are linked to the presentation and video, user can navigate through this videos and presentation using index based content. We selected an online code editor tool “EDAPlayground” and a LAB portal for students to experiment their code.

Introduced live Chat and Support where student can directly contact the training instructors, an Instructor’s area where they can be in touch with students and track student’s progress for each ongoing training.

The application runs on secure layer for payment processing and a single login is allowed for user across internet. Following list shows our complete contribution:

  • Architecture, design & implementation of training portal
  • Designed, developed and deployed portal application using J2EE technology, Apache tomcat server, Mysql as database and Web console using HTML5(JS, Jquery, CSS) using third party cloud services
  • Designed and developed user friendly UI interface for
    • Mobile application: iOs, Android
    • Web application: PC / Tablet
  • Integration with noVNC client, VNC Server and Linux Server
  • Integrated Vimeo Media Server on cloud to store training session video
  • Payment Integration with PayPal– Direct payment, Recurring payment
  • Integration of EDAPlayground to portal
  • Developed customized E-mail module using Redmine and integrated with portal application on Cloud
  • System validation of complete solution
  • Maintenance & post release enhancements