Monitor and track vehicles from your mobile with 360⁰ Surveillance
Client Overview

US-based automobile start-up providing security solutions in industries ranging from consumer to medical to industrial.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to provide their customers a solution that will keep them updated about the status of their vehicles which helps monitor the vehicles with following:

  • Visual vehicle security was the prime requirement
  • Surveillance with 360⁰view
  • Device should send alerts notifications and transfer video clips (with battery back-up) from location in case of theft
Volansys Solution

VOLANSYS designed and developed POC using Marvell Sondrio board and kogeto dot optical mirror lens covering 360⁰view. It also developed the web and iOS application to view pre and post event warped videos. The solution has features like:

  • Live video streaming and capture video alerts over Wi-Fi as well as 3G/4G module
  • User authentication using Bluetooth FOB Key and vehicle start/stop co-ordinate alert
  • Used Visual Car Alarm System (VCAS) for automobile vehicle security and surveillance application
  • Supported battery storage up to 15 days without vehicle power
  • 360⁰ warped video storage on cloud
  • Continuous De-warp video streaming 1080p [5fps] on mobile
  • Designed and developed POC using Marvell Sondrio board
  • Utilized single image sensor and kogeto dot optical mirror lens covering 360⁰ view
  • Designed intelligent battery management module[BMM]
  • Implemented hardware intelligence in four power consumption mode
    • Sleep mode, recording only mode, normal operation mode, alert & request-response mode
    • Very less time to charge system battery while vehicle is in ignition mode and not through vehicle battery
  • Integrated BLE FOB key validation and alert generation
  • Designed and developed interfaces for GPS/AGPS module and 3-Axis accelerometer on board
  • Provide hardware based interrupt to the main processor for battery charge ON/OFF, power save mode, car engine ON/OFF, accelerometer movement, etc.
  •  Designed and developed GUI application on cloud (AWS)
    • Web application on Wowza media server
    • Alerts for video streaming, video on demand and GPS co-ordinate
  • Designed and developed iOS application
    • Alerts for video view [RTSP streaming] and GPS co-ordinate
  • Integrated “De-Warp” algorithm
    • RTSP streaming on iOS application
    • MP4 video view on web application
  • Vehicle start/stop notification alert using GPS on iOS and web application
Benefits Delivered
  • Increased automobile safety towards theft and damages
  • Get instant location of the vehicles via GPS in case of theft
  • Live video streaming, pre and post event warp videos
  • Low Power Surveillance System for automobile
  • Alert notification on mobile app on not finding registered FOB owner key in car