Migration from Nordic-based BLE chipset to SiLabs based SoC

Client Overview

Leading US-based semiconductor Company offering innovative solutions for the digital transformation of varied industries. They play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena into insight that transforms their customers’ needs.

Business Challenge
  • The clients wanted to enhance its existing solution by integrating the sensor chipset with BLE connectivity to meet their end-user application requirements from their very valuable client
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Developed an NCP application on the SiLabs EFR32 SoC that supports all the custom characteristics supported by the application firmware
  • Ported BGLIB interface on the ARM Cortex-M4F MCU(ADuCM4050) with its necessary components
    • Ported the adaptation layer between the host application and BGAPI protocol
    • Ported the host interface file on the MCU SDK
    • Ported supporting header files on the MCU SDK
    • Add LE secure connection settings in BLE data communication
  • Enhanced the current MCU application to communicate with the SiLabs BGLIB APIs instead of the Nordic serialization library and supports the following
    • Initialized BGLIB and BLE chipset 
    • Read/write data from the ADI specific characteristics and services 
    • Exchanged image data from the DSP to iPad application
    • Provided commissioning data to the DSP Algorithm
  • Parameter tuning and application misc. enhancement from the architecture standpoint
  • Functional validation and unit testing 
  • Feature enhancement such as Bluetooth LE secure
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Embedded Engineering | Quality Engineering | Testing | BLE

Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • The customer is able to provide support on the custom end-user requirements which has helped them to secure a long term customer with their unique product offerings after having BLE connectivity on their product
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