Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service to Manage Point of Sale and Digital Signage Devices for Retail Industry
For leading manufacturer (OEM) and service of touchscreen displays, monitors, point of sale and touch screen components.
Client Overview

North America based manufacturing firm offers largest selection of interactive touchscreen display, touch screen computers, Signage Components, POS devices and more for retail shops and public locations such as interactive kiosks, hospitality systems wayfinder displays, interactive retail displays, transportation applications or any other point-of-sale terminals. The client has over 20+ million devices installed across 80+ countries worldwide.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop end-to-end cloud-based platform-as-a-service to offer its customers as per subscription-based model for addressing following requirements:

  • Remote device management and content deployment from cloud platform
    • Reduce huge time involved in loading latest content on each device
    • Manage content display over devices with 8 to 84’ inch LCD screen size
    • Location-based advertisements and offers for specific stores or locations based on competition, weather or other geo-specific triggers
    • Cross-selling and up-selling capabilities
    • Secured user and device authorization
  • Intuitive user interface with a powerful, engaging set of business tools
  • Gather and analyze POS device data to enhance shopping experience for end-customers

The cloud-based device management platform key features include:

  • Remote Device Engineering
    • Device Display Settings
    • PoS and Device Interface(s) Management
      • USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Camera
      • External POS devices such as NFC, Barcode, MSR, QR Code printer, Cash drawer, weight scale and more.
    • Display multimedia Files from cloud as per defined settings
      • APK, URL, offline website, Image slideshow, video, PDF, text file
      • MP4, PDF, image, slideshow, smart URLs, presentation
    • Device Security
      • Wi-Fi connectivity via secure WebSocket Protocol
    • Remote OTA
  • Cloud-based Remote Device Management Platform
    • User subscriptions and management
      • Customers (business owner), Support service provider, System admin
    • Device Management
      • Add/Update/Delete Device on web portal
      • Advance Filter based Search to locate device
      • Manage Device Configurations (each or group of devices)
        • Brightness, Audio Volume, Orientation, Language, Display ON/OFF time, Time Zone, Device Location, Password
      • Device Content Display Status Notifications
    • Content Management
      • Upload the content on content library
      • Drag and drop to select content from content library and install on display device
      • Contextual information display as per location, user profile, device type and more.
    • Analytics:
      • User: Time Spent on Device, Demographic (Gender, Age)
      • Device Health Monitoring – Temperature, CPU, RAM, Location
  • Product Engineering Services
    • Embedded Software Development
      • Android OS Hardening
        • Migration/porting/upgrade Operating Systems to run smoothly on diverse device built-with Freescale and Qualcomm hardware platforms
        • Uninterrupted display experience by suppressing crash dialog
      • Device security
        • Enable/Disable I/O port – Camera, HDMI, USB, Ethernet
        • Disable system settings – app library, security settings 
        • Logger service for maintaining 3 days of android device logs
      • Device Driver Development for peripherals
        • External POS peripherals – NFC, Barcode, MSR, QR Code printer, Cash drawer, weight scale and more.
      • Android SDK and application development
        • Deploy Android applications from cloud to android device
        • AutoPlay multimedia (MP4/URL/APK/pdf/image/slideshow) on android device when it is deployed from cloud
        • Contextual information display as per device location, user profile, type or other attributes with content URL
        • Display default screen or ON/OFF as per timer configuration
        • Manage primary and secondary display
      • Remote OTA
        • Silent application and certification installation/uninstallation
        • Support for OS Migration
        • Silent application crash/ANR notification
      • Security
        • Password-based Device access
        • Cloud connectivity via WebSocket protocol using TLS 1.1 and 1.2
  • Software Development 
    • Cloud-based Web Application Development
      • Application Development
        • Front-end development using Node.js and Angular.js
        • NoSQL data storage using CouchDB
      • Operational Performance Optimization
        • Advanced Search using Elastic Search
        • In-memory Management using Redis
        • Big Data object storage using Microsoft Azure Blob
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure
    • Managed Cloud Infrastructure Setup with load balancers
      • 36+ cloud computing server instances
    • SSL Security via HTTPS
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
      • Bitbucket, Jenkins, JIRA
  • Quality Engineering
    • End-to-end Manual and Automated testing –and Performance
      • Device Testing
        • On-field device peripheral hardware testing application
        • Python script based Framework for device functional testing
        • Device CPU/GPU performance testing using OTS (Off the Shelf) applications – Antutu, Geekbench
    • Application Testing
      • Application functional testing using Selenium
      • Manual testing for REST APIs
    • Cloud Testing
      • Performance and stress testing using JMeter
Benefits Delivered

Increased revenue per customer

  • Enhanced end-customer experience
    • Complete Device control and security
    • Reduced time to display ads on devices from days to hours

Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Open Source Technology Architecture
  • Reduced development time

Reduce customer acquisition time

Faster & automatic registration of POS devices from web portal

Reduced operational costs at improved productivity

  • Remote OTAs – Enables remote customer support and firmware updates
  • Remotely manage and monitor POS device operations from anywhere with 24/7 access with on-demand reports.