IoTify – IoT Cloud Framework for OEMs

Client Overview

US-based next-generation IoT solution providers which act as a ‘single stop solution enabler’ in the domain of IoT for different applications in multiple industries.

Business Challenge
  • Developed fully-managed highly secured and scalable integrated multi-cloud framework having gateway management, device management, user management, and dashboard functionality for different use cases in different industries for OEMs
  • Dashboard customizations based on business needs with different deployment models
  • AI-ML framework in IoTify cloud
  • Mobile app IoTify SDK
  • Gateway OTA support for on-field updates
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • IoT cloud architecture and functionality
    • Serverless highly scalable and available architecture
    • Modular architecture to provide better maintainability and independent scalability based on any well-known cloud service providers like AWS,
      Azure, Google Cloud, Ayla, Evrything, etc.
    • Real-time dashboard to manage, monitor, and control all the user and device data
    • Gateway/device management functionality to manage all the connected devices and gateways on the cloud
    • User management functionality to manage different level of user roles and rights like master admin, admin, operator, and viewers to manage
      different OEM users
    • OTA management for on-field updates for gateway and connected devices from cloud-side
    • Live alerts and notification on cloud & mobile app as well for all the configurable events
    • Different kinds of reporting functionality for gateway, devices, users, and OTA updates
    • Cloud APIs to enable any cloud or gateway communication
    • AI-ML framework to support AI-ML use cases
    • Rich sensor supported IoTify AI-ML framework with cloud and device software framework support
    • Sensor data collection for model learning, adaptive learning, and training of the models
    • A pipeline to update a trained model to edge device
    • Real-time prediction and detection on the device
    • Sensor device, history data, earning, and model training configuration management from dashboard
    • Anomaly events notifications to the cloud and mobile application
  • Mobile app SDK and gateway software framework for IoTify
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

IoT | Cloud | Software Engineering | Gateway | Enterprise and Industrial Applications

Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • 50% reduction in upfront investment in R&D
  • Cloud and Hardware agnostics solution with a very quick time to market, a period of just 3 months
  • Pre-integrated sensor/devices and quick integration with new devices
  • Easily scalable with mass deployment functionality
  • Reduced customer acquisition time for various industry needs
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