iOS Based Home Monitoring Solutions

The customer provides free smart home automation with video security control. It expands with add-on connected products to control homes from anywhere in the world. Users can use their spare smartphones and tablets for home surveillance.


Developing an iOS app which can use device camera to publish video over media server and other devices can watch live streaming. The intention is to connect and control devices such as robotic stands, smart plugs, meter and many more.


Delivering Video Efficiently & Reliably and control devices over cloud via iPhone 3g+ Device. Operate devices over the cloud. Control camera functions from remote devices (zoom in, zoom out, flash on, flash off, audio, etc.). Motion detection and video analysis. Save all data on the cloud. Store video in encrypted format.

  • Use spare smartphones and tablets into free Wi-Fi security cameras for home surveillance
  • Watch and control your cameras live over internet
  • Receive motion-triggered video recordings with video alerts
  • 2-way video call
  • Connect and control devices such as robotic stands, smart plugs, meters, and more
  • Rule engine for manage and control devices
  • Toggle motion detection and take pictures on an automated schedule
  • Record pictures and video while watching live
  • Control home camera over internet
  • Developed Video application on iOS platforms
  • iOS app development for all devices iPhone 3G +
  • Motion Detection Algorithm and Video Analytics
  • Implementation of Rule Engine
  • Cloud based Platform with Connectivity Layer, UXist technology, Presentation Layer integrated with AWS services and Big Data as an alternative to RDBMS
  • Live video streaming using cloud
  • In-App Payment features
  • Integration and IoT SDK APIs with devices such as ROMO, KUBI & Galileo
  • Complete Quality Assurance for the platform including various Smartphone, browsers, IoT SDK and Cloud Platform