Engineering intelligent Asthma monitoring device with connected mobile application
Client Overview

US-based start-up and global innovator making wearable healthcare products for monitoring chronic respiratory diseases.

Business Challenge

Compact and easily configurable asthma detection and monitoring device which can be easily wearable by the patient for real-time alerts on respiratory monitoring.

  • Wearable Asthma detection and monitoring device
    • Store the monitored data; on-site and remote access to the data by doctors
    • Communicate health ratings to connected mobile application over BLE and to cloud over Wi-Fi
  • Connected Mobile Application
    • Android/iOS based application
    • Send notification to doctors/parents on severe condition detection
  • Web application
    • User-friendly Web GUI for data monitoring and analysis
    • Support to customize/tune configurable parameters

VOLANSYS delivered asthma monitoring and management solution by engineering compact wearable device and connected mobile application that offers:

Hardware Engineering:
  • Developed a compact and battery operated Asthma monitoring and management device based on i.MX6ULL and MediaTek MT2523D platform that provides various information of the patient i.e. Number of cough events, the level of asthma, heart rate, body temperature, wheeze/respiratory rate, device battery status etc.
  • Device has 3 microphones, 9-DOF (Accelerometer, Gyroscope Magnetometer sensor and Temperature sensor) integrated to it

Integrated the sensors using sensor hub that is low power consuming and built for wearable devices

Firmware Development:
  • Sensor hub application development and integration with pre-filtering event detector algorithm running on MT2523D Cortex-M4 core
  • Linux application for running the main algorithm upon wake up by MT2523D Cortex-M4 core
  • Secured connection with proprietary cloud over Wi-Fi and BLE custom profile for Mobile application
  • Cloud setup for logging all the sensors data with triggers of major events
  • Power management and battery life optimization
Connected Mobile Application:
  • Designed and developed Mobile Application (Android & iOS based) that communicates with asthma detection device attached to the patient for:
    • Retrieval of monitored data from cloud; on-site and remote access by doctors
    • Real-time notification/alerts to doctors/parents on severe condition detection
  • Designed fully responsive web-UI for daily reporting of the patient
  • Wireless connectivity via BLE to remote iOS/Android Mobile Application
Benefits Delivered
  • Detecting asthma attacks and patterns helps doctors to provide immediate and comprehensive treatment
  • VOLANSYS optimized power management with 50% extended battery life
  • VOLANSYS was a one-stop solution provider with hardware and software services for faster go-to-market
  • Reduced Total cost of ownership by 30%