Development of a Portable Mobile Hotspot (Mi-Fi) Device

Client Overview

A global leader in a range of medical devices like portable defibrillators and ventilators used by clinicians and emergency medical services to treat victims in times of resuscitation and acute critical care.

Business Challenge
  • The client wanted to bundle the standard regulatory compliant (FirstNet) ready portable Mi-Fi devices with the defibrillators to transmit and process real-time data to the cloud
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • To design, develop, validate and certify the product for the following:
    • Mechanical ID design (IP55)
    • Form-factor hardware design
    • Hardware prototyping
    • BSP porting
    • Firmware application development and porting
    • Custom web UI development
    • Pre-compliance, unit testing
    • 3D printing of mechanical IDs
  • To get the product certified with the following standards:
    • FCC,CE, IC, RoHS, IP-55
    • PTCRB certification with AT&T, Verizon
    • Vibration and Shock testing (As per IEC 60601-1-12 standard)
    • Humidity Testing to validate product operating range at 10% to 90% non-condensing RH
    • Altitude Testing (checking the device operational and functionality at 15000 feet altitude from sea level as per RTCA/DO/160G standard)
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Hardware Design | Web UI Development | Firmware Development | Quality Engineering

Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • Improved quality of service by connecting medical devices over Wi-Fi for real-time data transfer and processing
  • Being a FirstNet regulatory standard-compliant device it assures privacy and data security
  • Mobile Hotspot enabled with multi-device connectivity to serve multiple medical types of equipment simultaneously in case of emergency
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