Design and Development of Android Mobile Application based Low Cost Eye Diagnostic System

Client Overview

A USA based startup company building smart eye diagnostic solution to replace traditional eye care instrument that is relatively larger in size and having a higher cost.

Business Challenge
  • The client wanted to build an innovative low-cost device that can capture images of corneal topographers, process it locally using complex image processing algorithms and display the processed image with clinical analysis on Android phone
  • Required consultation on the selection of high-resolution camera and right processor over similar available components in the market to make smart eye diagnostic solution at low price
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Designed and developed highly complex, sophisticated and very accurate smart eye diagnostic solution around modern Android smartphone
    • Helped in the selection of high-end 4k resolution camera as per requirements
    • Comparative analysis of different processors available in the market and finalized the right processor
      • Analyzed performance and memory requirements per block of an entire video processing pipeline for various video resolutions
      • Performed experiments on processors evaluation kit
      • Mapped capability against system requirements per processor
      • Prepared processor selection matrix with various scoring methods and selected right processor
    • Linux device driver integration and enhancements
      • Camera sensor driver integration
      • MIPI/CSI driver enhancements to support a custom resolution.
      • Validated camera and display driver for different supported format
      • Resolved performance-critical driver issues
    • Porting and optimization of Image processing algorithms.
      • Porting of Open CV based open-source algorithms on the hardware platform.
      • Integrated proprietary algorithm that processes corneal images to derive data for clinical analysis
      • Optimized performance by switching compute-intensive operations on GPU
    • Designed and developed an Open CV/VX based application that runs on the hardware platform for smart eye diagnostic solution
    • Developed an Android mobile application that interacts with hardware that display original and processed corneal topographer images per patients
    • Performed functional validation of various interfaces (MIPI/CSI, USB Display, UART) with the hardware platform
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Healthcare | Image Processing | Firmware Engineering | Quality Engineering | Mobility

Solution Architecture

Benefits Delivered
  • VOLANSYS acted as a single-stop solution provided end-to-end engineering support from Embedded Hardware to Firmware, Mobile, and Quality Engineering, reducing the hassle of multi-vendor support and reduce time to market for new solution
  • The client received many valuable inputs on the hardware platform and component selection which has helped them to improve the performance of overall design
  • Extended market reach of the client by delivering a low-cost, small size and smart eye diagnostic solution which provides better diagnosis than traditional methods
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