Connected Home Monitoring

Home and office surveillance are of prime cruciality, specifically when people are having to stay out of their homes for long durations. This project involved a unique service offering by a client who provided a hybrid PaaS platform which uses old mobile phones with camera & converts their roles to video cams for home monitoring purpose.


Aim of the project was to create an app that runs on Smart Phone or Tab that is being used as the video camera, capable of detecting motion. On picking up motion signals, the app would alerts the user via his mobile phone using cloud-based infrastructure.


The most important and possibly the most critical part was the structuring of an app that is compatible with all mobile platforms. This app was supposed to be bi-directional, operating both on the mobile device that was being used as the motion detector and on the mobile device that was being used by the user to receive data.

In addition, security and volume of the stored data was a challenge, since the project needed us to facilitate storage of the video in the cloud server with a possibility to replay it.

  • Complete Home surveillance system with Motion Detector Webcam
  • Phone to Phone video streaming as well as Video storage based service for number of hours
  • Motion detection, Video Analytics & trip wire facilities
  • Ability to define motion zones with hand-drawing
  • Remote Robots control and route settings for these robots for remote home monitoring at a user specified time
  • Support for Smart Phone and Tab Platforms – Android & iOS
  • Number of phones supported within the same application for both Audio and Video
  • Support for all web browsers

We co-engineered right from concept to production. This includes application development and algorithm development on smart phone platforms, Cloud-based platform development with Big Data as the databases. We were also active in the integration of third party devices like Monster Plug, ROMO, and CUBI etc. Following list shows our contribution in depth:

  • Cloud based Platform with Connectivity Layer, Presentation Layer integrated with AWS services and Big Data as an alternate to RDBMS, HornetQ for JMS, Tomcat server for REST APIs, Apache for web application
  • Motion Detection Algorithm, Video Analytics including rules on Mobile Platform
  • Live video streaming using the cloud
  • IoT based Video application on Smartphone platforms– Android & iOS
  • Web Console Development for all browsers
  • In-App Payment features Integration
  • Integration and IoT SDK APIs with devices such as ROMO, KUBI & Galileo
  • Complete Quality Assurance for the Platform including various Smartphone, browsers, IoT SDK and Cloud Platform