Engineering Project Management Tool

Compliance Matrix Management Solution is a cloud based collection of tools to help ASIC engineering project and Team management. It is currently targeted for ASIC chip verification industry. It helps to improve productivity of ASIC design and verification engineers as well as helps verification managers by providing a dashboard with graphical views about current state, trends and reports.

It offers tools to enhance project management capabilities and productivity of engineering resources. Manager can track and manage progress on test development and engineer can create and maintain test plan document. For regression, manager can track daily or weekly progress using graphical / summary reports and engineer can manage regression runs and its results. This portal is collection of verification tools like test tracking, coverage and analysis, in which user can generate functional coverage code and analyze coverage report.


The project aimed is providing Enterprise level cloud platform for ASIC chip verification companies. Where engineers can use project management tools, test tracker tools, manage project repository, track project reports and use different verification tools.


During the development we have faced below major challenges like:

  • Implementation of browser based noVNC client using Web Socket and HTML 5
  • Integration of various Atlassian third party API such as JIRA and Fisheyes
  • A Cloud based project management and collaborative team management tool for ASIC chip verification industry
  • Cloud based ATE, test bench, simulation type test case environments
  • Provide graphical dashboard view about current state, trends & reports over enterprise centric system
  • Ability to run coverage & analysis tools using test cases from XLS & provide statistics reports
  • Ability to manage data in an online spreadsheet
  • Revision, maintenance and tagging a revision of test plan file on cloud
  • Import excel file into online excel from single sheet, workbook as well as Smart import – user defined import column data
  • Fetches tables from word file & import into online excel
  • Create customized views of excel file
  • Comparison between two files
  • Export online excel into xlsx and pdf format
  • Create new excel file from pre-stored templates
  • Generate coverage or analysis from online excel and download output files
  • Generate various reports from online excel in tabular and chart form as well
  • Dynamic user defined role management

VOLANSYS team has provided the high configuration virtual server for verification tools. A server has accessible in the browser using noVNC client with HTML5.

Integration with industry standard team collaboration SaaS platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye and PayPal. Also, we have integrated the Jqsheet for managing online spreadsheet data, ckeditor for manage online word documents, HighCharts library for generate reports.

Following list shows our contribution in depth:

  • Developed a SaaS system using ASP.Net MVC Technology(C#), with SQL server and RavenDB as database
  • Integrated third party cloud system with client private cloud o JIRA, PayPal, Fisheye, Confluence
  • Implemented Inter Cloud as well as Third Party Cloud Communication System
  • Implemented encryption security algorithm for centralized data management system
  • Defined Set of REST APIs and Integrated with Client’s cloud
  • Developed Rich Dashboard and Web UI Using HTML , Javascript , bootstarp including Analytics layer
  • Customized & integrated standard documentation tools with Client’s cloud like, Word doc, Spreadsheet, Text doc, etc.
  • Developed deploy management system using Visual studio on IIS platform for build, test automation and deployment