Cloud IoT Platform for Connected Healthcare Consumer Product and Customer Experience Insights
For OEM providing commercial water vapor products that delivers soothing steam right into the patient’s sinuses, nose & throat
Client Overview

North America OEM with over 50 years of healthcare/biotech experience delivering the most advanced humidification products which work as natural therapy for allergy symptoms, colds, flu and cough symptoms, sinus congestion, dryness symptoms, upper respiratory and breathing conditions. The client has re-invented handheld and battery-operated water vapor product with Bluetooth connectivity to mobile app and leverages advanced Capillary Force Vaporizer “CFV” steam delivery technology.

Business Need

The client wanted to develop Cloud-based IoT Platform for addressing following requirements

  • Connect products and gather user information
  • Collect product usage feedback after each use to analyze and optimize customer experience
  • Track the usage and automatically orders new supplies required to operate the product
  • Enable remote firmware updates for products in-use

The key features of cloud-based IoT platform for connected healthcare consumer product include:

  • Cloud-based IoT platform for Healthcare consumer product OEM
    • User Data Management
      • User Subscription Management
        • User Profile – Name, birthday, email, gender
        • Pre-filled questions with answered – asked on first-time usage
    • Customer Feedback Analytics (360-degree customer view)
      • Average usage per day, Average time of use
      • After-usage experience feedback: feeling Good/poor/bad
      • Current Health Condition of each user and overall
    • Product Data Management
      • Advanced Filter based Search Reports: Date, User
      • Device status and performance Information – per user and overall
      • News Announcement Management
      • Logs for maintaining read/unread notifications of each user.
      • Firmware Update (OTA) – Upload latest firmware version and notify users
    • Promotional offers – Refer a Friend
  • Cloud IoT Platform connected Mobile Application
    • Connect and provision device in mobile app via BLE
    • Collect product and user data and send it to Cloud-based IoT Platform via Wi-Fi
    • Mobile App Dashboard – Weekly Report Analytics
      • Device Usage per day and per week
      • Session duration per day and average in a week
      • After-usage user feedback analytics
      • Refresh Readings
    • Monitor and Order Product Material supplies
      • redirect to purchase on e-commerce website
    • Customizable consumer feedback questionnaire
    • Manage Users and subscriptions
      • Profile: Name, birthday, email, gender, password reset
      • Product related information
      • Logs for maintaining read/unread notifications of each user
    • OTA – Product Firmware Updates
      • Check the latest available firmware version and update if product has legacy firmware
    • User Support Request Management – Provide answers to user queries


  • Software Application Development
    • Architecture of the app & local database design with technology selection for web and mobile app
    • UI/UX design for Mobile Application and Web Application
    • Agile Development for new features and roll-out
    • Secure Login module with User details management
    • Device-to-Mobile-to-Cloud Connectivity
    • Remote Firmware update
    • Deployment of Mobile application on Apple & Google stores
  • Cloud Management
    • Amazon Cloud Infrastructure Setup
    • Managed Deployment on cloud
    • Performance optimization
  • Quality Engineering
    • Gitlab based code deployment in development, QA, staging and production server setup
    • End-to-end testing – unit, functional and integration test planning and test case development
    • Manual and automated testing – test result report for cloud, mobile app & web portal
    • Performance testing
Benefits Delivered

Optimized end-user experience

Accurate product insights and customer feedback Analysis

Reduced Time-to- Market

Dedicated full-stack experienced development support with cloud, software, mobile app and firmware expertise

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • AWS Free infrastructure setup for 1yr
  • Reduced licensing cost with Open Source technologies

Increased revenue per customer

  • Track the usage and automatically notifies and orders new supplies
  • Reduced time to order material supplies

Reduced Vendor Dependency

Standard coding conventions and modular architecture