Cloud Based IoT Solution for Manufacturing Industry

We accomplished this project for a player belonging to the glass bottle manufacturing industry. The solution was meant to be implemented on the factory floor and was supposed to improve the overall manufacturing.


The project aimed at bringing down manufacturing complexity and increase error visibility at the plant. This would considerably increase productivity while reducing hiccups across the production chain.


The solution involved a complete revamp of the client’s existing manufacturing process and on floor technicalities in the factory. Naturally, it had to be simple enough to be utilizable for the existent workforce. Vis-à-vis, it also had to be a complete sophisticated system that works on proactive basis, rather than being corrective in nature.

Implementing such an elaborate requirement while ensuring that the whole chain of device-device and device-human communication is properly tested under all presumed test case, was in itself the biggest challenge.

  • A Cloud based project management and collaborative team management tool for ASIC chip verification industry
  • Cloud based ATE, test bench, simulation type test case environments
  • Integration with industry standard team collaboration SaaS platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye and PayPal
  • Rich dashboard representation about project status
  • Current Activity State, Team Progress, Trends, Reports, Various test benches, feature percentage coverage,Integration with Various standard documentation SW such as Office365, Google Docs etc.
  • User Role Management and Work Flow Management functionality for project management as well as team management

VOLANSYS developed a complete enterprise mobility solution for the manufacturing industry. It will provide centralized secured access of all the enterprise data to the employees and help easy-to-track overall progress of the enterprise projects.

  • Developed a SaaS system using ASP.Net MVC Technology(C#), with SQL server and RavenDB as database
  • APIs integration with industry standard cloud collaborated SaaS platforms such as JIRA, Fisheye, Confluence and Payment Gateway with PayPal
  • Defined Set of REST APIs and Integrated with Client’s cloud
  • Designed flexible SaaS framework such that client’s corporate customer can host the full solution within their corporate infrastructure
  • Developed Rich Dashboard and Web UI Using HTML , Javascript , bootstarp including Analytics layer
  • Customized & integrated standard documentation tools with Client’s cloud like, Word doc, Spreadsheet, Text doc, etc.
  • Developed deploy management system using Visual studio on IIS platform for build, test automation and deployment