Capacitive Touch LCD Device Support on Android

The project included developing an add-on LCD board with capacitive touch capabilities, to be used with OMAP5 EVM for a premium 3rd party EVM hardware manufacturer who was partner of one of the largest silicon companies. They were looking towards teaming up with a reliable product engineering firm that could help in rapid hardware bring up and addition of LCD support for Linux & Android operating systems.


We were supposed to work on developing DSI-to-LVDS interface board driver, LCD driver and a touch screen driver for OMAP5 EVM and make it compatible to work on Linux and Android operating systems. Additionally, we also supported with a web based customer support system for the client.


Time was of essence in this project. Since the new set of features would to affect the end customer directly, we had to be very careful with the operability of the system, while ensuring that the touch screen facility would be sensitive enough to run smoothly.

Timing calculations to configure DSI-to-LVDS signals for correct conversion of DSI signals in to LVDS signals was a challenge.

  • TI OMAP5432 multimedia processor reference design EVM with ARM A15 CPU Cores 40% more powerful
  • TFT-LCD 10.1 inch diagonally active display WXGA resolution[1280 H X 800 V] with integral LED backlight system and touch panel
  • Touch panel with multi touch points : 10 touch points with 1.5 mm accuracy
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080p 60fps video streaming and video capture
  • Stereoscopic video recording and playback up-to full HD 1920 X 1080p 30fps
  • 2D /3D gaming, video contents and video conferencing
  • High resolution still image up-to 24MP
  • EVM board supports : Linux12.04 [Kernel 3.8.4], Android4.2 platforms
  • Enables benchmark for : Human Machine Interface(HMI), Portable Data Terminal(PDT), digital signage and medical monitoring end equipment
  • Key interface for customers : Ethernet, USB3.0, USB2.0, HDMI, Audio I/O, SATA, expansion ports for multiple display and camera options

We helped client with a 10’’ capacitive touch LCD, making the hardware better equipped with user-oriented built-in feature approach. We were majorly involved in driver development, porting, Linux & Android bring up.

  • Designed and developed LCD driver for SVT display adapter board connected with OMAP5432 EVM board
  • Designed and developed touch screen driver for SVT display adapter board connected with OMAP5432 EVM board
  • Developed DSI to LVDS chipset driver
  • All drivers integrated for Linux as well as Android OS platform
  • Android HAL porting
  • Linux & Android bring up for OMAP5 EVM with LCD board
  • Provided resolution of display interface issue in customer display adapter board