BLE Tracker for Personal Belongings
Client Overview

A consumer goods based product company, headquartered in Asia, focused on developing high-quality products through the concept of total user experience – combination of innovation, careful design, smart useful and friendly services, in order to significantly improve people’s live

Business Challenge

Design and develop handheld tracking device to prevent and protect personal belongings from getting lost or stolen

  • Easy to attach with tiny belongings
    • Keys, luggage, phone, wallet or any other
  • Smallest possible form factor hardware design
  • Removable battery supply
  • Reduce bill-of-materials to achieve competitive advantage and high-profit margins
VOLANSYS Contribution

Designed Tracker Device with BLE connectivity

  • Attach Tracker device to any personal belonging which needs to be tracked over BLE via a smartphone app
    • Identify the location of lost personal belongings, by activating the buzzer of the tracker device via a smartphone app
    • Finding a phone using Tracker device
      • Pressing a button on a device buzzes the phone.
      • Double clicking the button on the tracker device clicks a selfie on the phone.
      • Identify proximity of personal belongings attached to trackers
      • Immediately send an alert if object leaves/enters BLE range

  • Hardware Design and Development
    • Power budget calculations
    • Hardware evaluation and selection
    • Schematics Design, BOM with costing for 10K pieces of Tracker
    • Trace antenna design to meet 40 m range without RF analysis
    • PCB Layout, PCB thickness of 0.6 mm
    • PCB Prototyping with enclosure – 8 Units
    • Hardware bring up
  • Firmware Design and Development
    • Firmware Design Document – Bluetooth Application Architecture, state machines, SoC sleep modes, timers, security features
    • Firmware Development – Low-level drivers including Rx & Tx, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM
    • Custom BLE profile development for Tracker features
    • Low Power Operations for maximum battery life within CR2032 coin cell
    • Implemented low power mode in a device with 2.5 uA of current, which was an improvement on specs mentioned in the datasheet (3 uA).
  • Connected Mobile Application Re-design
    • Android & iOS SDK for low-level interfaces for BLE and sample mobile applications
    • BLE APIs for application development
    • API Documentation
Benefits Delivered
  • Improved battery life
    • Optimized methods for BLE advertising intervals
  • Faster time to market
    • Developed the entire solution within 16 weeks
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
    • Saved licensing costs worth half a million dollars
    • Maintained a low-cost BOM to less than 3$ per piece
    • 20% less market price and more battery life than competitor devices with more features (Geo-fencing)