Machine Learning

Creating state of the art Intelligent Systems

In the age of connected devices, immersive experiences driven by personalization and intelligent operations are unlocking new possibilities for every industry. Today, many businesses rely on Machine Learning to derive patterns from data to monitor, analyze and predict customer/machine behavior and perform actions without human intervention. 

VOLANSYS’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services help organizations to develop custom solutions based on proprietary or open source algorithms/frameworks that process data and runs sophisticated algorithms on cloud and edge. This ensures faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection for the businesses.

Machine Learning Services

VOLANSYS has enabled many organizations across the world from diverse industries, to transform their business processes to intelligent autonomous operations by delivering machine learning services and consultation from cloud to edge. Our team helps build, train, validate, optimize, deploy and test machine learning models using latest tools and technologies.

Machine Learning Process


Supervised/semi-supervised/unsupervised machine learning on structured and unstructured data
Model deployment and performance testing with tools like TensorBoard, What-If, ML Perf, TensorFlow Playground, etc
ML as a service (MLaaS): Amazon ML and Amazon SageMaker
Algorithms and models: Decision Trees, Regression, Hidden Markov, Inception, Object detection, NLP
Model building, training, optimization and validation using frameworks like TensorFlow, SparkML, OpenCV and languages like Python, C++, Java
Data base: SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra), CSV, Excel sources: CSV, Excel and Data type: image, sensor (accelerometer, microphone etc.) data, audio, video, text support