Lower Time To Market Eating Away Your Market Share? Let’s Peek In Together

Lower Time To Market Eating Away Your Market Share? Let’s Peek In Together

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Not being able to take a tested product to the market on time is a major concern that many of our clients share.

It’s a rather sorry state to be in – Get really excited about an idea, dream about its actualisation but fail to make it accessible to your end customer. There is a lot of in-team frustration, production loss and above all, futile time spent on stuff that should otherwise have promised to establish your strongly in your market.

Trust us; this scenario is way more common than you can think!

As such, we felt responsible to bring out a short post, summarizing reasons why you are not being able to reach your customers on time with a beautiful functional product before your competition. Also, bringing ways to avoid obvious delay factors to your rescue.


Source: Machinedesign

Why our clients exceed their time to market expectations?

There are many, including their choice of people they select to co-work with. But here, we bring out the major bang-on why’s.

Concept planning and actualization model:

Most of the time, it’s the managers studying the market, scoring through efforts that competition is putting and then finally putting forward project plans.

There can be 2 scenarios as such – They plan to follow footsteps, just wearing different shoes, or, they begin to create an entirely different path.

If it is the first case, well, they have already lost the pioneer benefit in a way.

It is the second case that is more challenging. There arises a need to have a complete fleet of subject experts, drooling over tech-meat and coming up with a handsome actionable plan.

Most of our clients approach us with an already existing plan in hand. But a lot of it eventually has to be erased off because there was a better way to do things.

Delayed design reviews

As the owner of an idea, you naturally channel a lot of enthusiasm into your first tangible prototype. A lot of time, it is not an exact copy of your imagination. The reasons could be many – engineers, hardware design, software and protocols that were used and a lot of other things.

So finally, you don’t like it, stick a note of your reviews and suggestions and pack it back to where it came from.

Depending upon the changes you wished to see, it could take product engineering firm 2 days to 2 months of time to accomplish them.

Phew! Delay!

Self-help is always not the best of its kind

We all have our areas of speciality. Extending into other areas of expertise is a good idea, but not at a time when you badly need to cut into the market share pie.

Our clients come to us with elaborate plans to achieve their market tapping endeavours. It amazes us to note that a lot of what they plan to get manufactured from scratch, already exists with us in some for or the other – ready-to-use stacks for example.

Most product engineering companies generally have such ready-to-use stuff at hand and you can use them to reduce a cluster of your efforts.

We generally stay agile when it’s about time to market

Take a look at the above diagram. It sends shivers down our spines. We are sure it does the same to you. We understand how important it is for our clients to reach their audience as early as possible.

That’s the reason we stay prepared with anything that can be of help.

We keep boards and stacks ready

If you are thinking of a concept, may be, we already have something for you in place. Ready to use IPs are a benefit that helps us reduce our clients’ time to market considerably.

We follow incremental design

It’s a popular model and we follow it religiously. When we receive a set of specs, we divide it into feature clusters, design one cluster at a time and keep our clients updated with our work. That way, we reduce a lot of time that could have been otherwise eaten up by accumulated design reviews.

Our partners are a lot of help

We are partnered with biggies like NXP and Thingworx. Nothing to be boastful about, but their offerings go a long way into infusing robustness and functional perfection into the projects that we work on.

We strive tooth and nail to help our clients reach their goals. If delayed time to market is something pestering you, VOLANSYS can be of real help!