IoT Solutions & Wearable Devices


Internet of Things (IoT) & wearable devices are changing & impacting each aspect of our lives. We, at VOLANSYS, provide services & solutions for IoT & wearable devices in all industries & domains including healthcare, smart appliances for home & office, smart energy devices, automobile, Industrial IoT (IIoT), delivery & logistics, smart consumer devices, to name a few. As the enterprise solutions, connected products & utility providers have deployed their cloud solutions, it is becoming essential for these businesses to integrate & collaborate their cloud services for the next level of growth. We, at VOLANSYS, also provide cloud collaboration solutions and multiple cloud integration services to serve this purpose to various industries including consumer electronics, medicine & healthcare, oil & gas, transportation, automotive, home automation & industrial processes.


We are among the few companies that excel at all Connected Product/solution components, with expertise on Embedded Devices, Cloud and Mobile under single roof. We provide IoT solutions having rich architecture with in-built capability & hooks to automate more than 90% of validation efforts.


Expand an Existing Solution

We could be your technology experts if you are planning to expand your IoT solution to add security, to add more products, to collaborate with other solutions by cloud to cloud communication, or to add support more mobile platforms.

Design an IoT Solution

We walk the extra mile to help you do initial feasibility, quick prototyping, validating the idea & producing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We also help you design the full-fledged solution starting from concept to deployment of cloud, apps on the stores & compliance testing of devices. We also provide post-production support.

Crafting a complete IoT Solution for your customers

An IoT solution generally contains multiple readily available entities including your enhanced product, BLE stack, ZigBee Stack, Wi-Fi connectivity, hardware modules, cloud, mobile app & so on. Improper integration of these entities can lead to multiple problems & unhappy customers.

We can address this puzzle by doing the necessary development, validation & system integration to make your IoT-based solution work. We also help in deploying this solution after proper validation. We also provide technical support to address real-time customer issues by working with different vendors of your IoT solution.

System Validation

We can be your trusted partner to validate your complete IoT solution including following:

  • Device validation using tools like Vector Cast, various Java & scripting languages based frameworks
  • Automated validation of web services
  • Automated validation of inter-cloud communication
  • Validation of connected mobile apps
  • System level validation & integration with test management systems
  • Compliance & certification related pre-testing
Tired with Your Technology Consultant?

If you are facing challenges in working with your existing technology consultant, we could be your next perfect choice! We can take up a partially or fully developed solution at any stage of its development cycle & deliver a working solution to meet your time to market needs.


Being in IoT domain for several years now, we have proven track record in various technologies & standards. We have also partnered with companies who provide basic building blocks of IoT to speed up the development – be it cloud, database, semiconductor or apps. Following are some of our technical expertise areas:

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, ZigBee & profiles, Zwave, Bluetooth & profiles, IR, NFC
  • Semiconductor: Freescale, Marvell, Atmel, TI, Microchip & Many more
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Windows Azure, Google, ThingWorx
  • Web Services: RestFul service, OAuth Authorization services and SOAP services
  • Databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Raven DB, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows 10
  • Standards: OPENIoT, HomeKit, Thread, Nest, Alljoyn, Brillo & Weave
  • Communication & Queuing Protocols: CoAP, MQTT, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ