Intelligent Pillbox – A Smart way to take Medicines

Intelligent Pillbox – A Smart way to take Medicines

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Isn’t it frustrating to forget things which are of utmost importance to us? We understand your concern. Taking pills might not appear on your to-do list with an “Imp.” tag, but we are sure you will agree that if it is not done regularly and on time it can have not-so-good ramifications. The ramifications can be all the more severe if, let’s say, you need to make sure your old parents follow their pill schedule. Keeping track of your own pill schedule is one thing, while making sure someone else follow their pill schedule is more troublesome. An intelligent pill box addresses all these problems.

  • How does it help?

The device which resembles a standard pill box- having multiple compartments to store different pills and can connect to your smartphone to give you notifications as and when your near and dear ones forget to take a pill. Imagine the relief when you can safely concentrate on other important tasks without fearing in the back of your mind about the pill being taken (or rather not taken). Taking medicine on time is definitely important, but what is more important is that you take the right one. Intelligent pillbox is also configured to provide a wrong pill notification.

After such sophistication you might worry about the battery life of such a pillbox. Rest assured, there are no charging hassles attached to it. The pillbox is powered by replaceable coin cell batteries or more commonly known as button batteries. The approximate life of such a battery is 6 months, which is especially convenient for elderly people.

  • How does it work?

The different compartments are embedded with sensors which can detect when and if the users are taking pills. These sensors are typically motion detectors. It figures out that if you have not opened the box, then you have not taken the pill. Once the device is registered with smartphones of both- the person who needs to be reminded and the person who should remind, and few details regarding which medicine is to be taken when is fed into the device, the device is functional. It checks whether, at a particular time, certain medicine has been taken or not. If the medicine has not been taken, the device sends a message to the concerned person.

All you need to do in order to use this service is to have the connected application on your mobile and connect the device to it.