Incredible Mean Stack

Incredible Mean Stack

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While for enterprises today there is an array of technology options to make their digital presence robust as some solutions offer an easy way to solve business problems. The Mean stack that refers to 4 different technologies, respectively MongoDBExpress JSAngular JS and Node JS is such an integrated stack of solutions.

MEAN stack is incredible for modern app development environments as it is equipped for fast paced, robust and scalable output and great maintenance. Today many Enterprises use MEAN.JS as it can easily handle enterprise demands ensuring agility and quality assurance. Let us begin our discussion about what exactly is MEAN stack.

  • What is MEAN stack?

MEAN refers to a collection of technologies based on JavaScript including Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. These four technologies offer a complete development toolkit for web applications. Here we briefly discuss 4 constituent technologies.

Mongo DB: Mongo DB basically offers data storage in a document-oriented database for a web application.

Express JS: Express JS is a JavaScript offshoot that provides a variety of features to a web application.

Angular JS: Angular JS helps to expand the HTML library and speeding up the app responsiveness.

Node JS: Node JS is a JavaScript-based server-side database framework that takes care of the scalable data in modern web apps.

  • Multilayered to Meet Modern Web Demands

The structure in modern web app development consists of multiple layers corresponding to a database, server logic, client logic, UI, etc. These multiple layers within an app are referred as the MVC architectural pattern. Enterprise apps also depend on this multi-layered architecture corresponding to layers like data, logic, and presentation. MEAN stack offers a complete programming language solution to address this multi-layered architecture.

MEAN stack emerged as the most developer friendly and user optimized programming language stack to address the diversity and rich layers in modern enterprise apps. Let us have a look at the key advantages of MEAN stack.

  • Faster development time: MEAN is incredible in saving development time as JavaScript libraries are integrated into it
  • Unmatched community support: With a strong community of developers working with JavaScript libraries developing complex web applications with ease template became easier than ever. Thanks to great community support the developers can easily avoid the common faults
  • MEAN stack app development allows fast paced storage and retrieval of data thanks to the JSON-like documents used as data formats instead of the relational database
  • MEAN offers uniformity and lower learning curve: Team having expertise in JavaScript will also be familiar with JSON queries, which can help to work easily with the MEAN
  • Great OS compatibility: MEAN stack offers great compatibility. It is compatible with all major OS, including Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and Linux
  • Well established technologies: All the programming languages within MEAN stack are already well established which means they have already benefited countless apps and enterprises
  • Quality assurance: The MEAN stack architecture is built to support automated testing allowing agility and robust quality standards
  • How can VOLANSYS help in MEAN stack SAAS platform development?

VOLANSYS is a cloud based SAAS solutions and services development company that has developed SAAS solutions for a variety of enterprise niches. Our expertise with MEAN stack in handling complex application, quick prototyping and development is well recognized by the industry.

We boast of an experienced development team of developers skilled in Mongo DB, JavaScript frameworks and NoSQL database. We can leverage the versatility and flexibility of MEAN for diverse enterprise needs and allows you to use JavaScript frameworks such as Node JS and Angular JS on the backend as well as frontend which can eliminate the learning of separate language.

MEAN stack has become the open programming language standard for highly sophisticated SAAS solutions with the rich feature set and scalability. If you want to ensure fast-paced development, agility and great quality assurance measures, MEAN stack is your choice.

Do you want to reap the advantages of MEAN stack for your SaaS apps? Let our MEAN stack experts take care of it. Send us an email at or call us at +1 510 358 4310.


About Author: Kalpesh Balar

Kalpesh works with VOLANSYS Technologies as Project Manager and looks after cloud and mobility divisions. Kalpesh has a wide range of product development experience that brings greater value to our clients to implement their one-stop solution. You can connect with him on LinkedIn: balarkalpesh