GE's Predix Platform a Revolution in Industrial IoT

GE’s Predix Platform a Revolution in Industrial IoT

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The vast majority of the enterprises are now aware of the digital revolution that has been taking place for some time. But most of them couldn’t really take advantage of this revolution just because of the incapability to access locked up data across devices. But ever since the connected environment of the Internet of Things and modern data-driven platform of Data science, Big Data & Business Analytics penetrated into the industries and workplaces, creating a new avatar phase of IoT called Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT, the scenario changed completely.


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  • IIoT and GE Predix

The ace tech giant General Electric came up with a digital revolution in Industrial IoT driving operational and business outcomes with its own cloud-based IoT platform for industrial use called GE Predix. By definition, GE Predix as the name says is a powerful predictive analytics platform for industrial grade application development in Industrial Internet of Things. Predix’s industry grade software services includes ready to use secure and reliable connectivity for the edge devices along with edge manager for deploying and monitoring devices remotely, manageable and scalable connectivity for your enterprise with predix cloud, Quick & efficient data storage, management & analysis using secure and reliable database to easily build, deploy and manage stream processing applications. Predix has been developed unleashing the cloud computing for connected machines in workplace environments.

As of now the appreciation and expectations from the current working of new GE Predix platform in different industries like Avionics, Oil & Gas, and Transportations has been really impressive. As experts say, large industries and manufacturing companies that use heavy machinery will now be able to make new and smarter moves thanks to the connected cloud-based environment offered by Predix. Though time is still not ripe to credit it as a revolutionary platform, it shows unforeseen potential for the industrial Internet of Things or IIoT. The platform can really transform the way digital automation and the connected devices in industrial environment work.

  • Opportunities and challenges for GE Predix

Industrial environment most often differs from the regular enterprise environments in terms of access to internet real-time accurate data aggregation and connectivity. Machines inside heavy manufacturing facilities are still devoid of connectivity in most cases. Even where the connected machines are in use, the data speed is far too lower than what is required. Naturally, the biggest challenge is about aggregating data without really depending on cloud computing all the time.

Predix helps machines with a new approach to data aggregation with a sophisticated platform called by GE as the edge-to-cloud continuum. Besides offering end to end cloud based operation, it offers full support for the edge nodes. So, equally, it offers the flexibility of cloud and highly localized computing through the connected edge nodes. This makes GE Predix an unchallenged and uncontested platform for cloud-based IoT connectivity in industrial environments. Let us have a look at the key advantages of this new platform.

  • It will support a high degree of customization
  • It can help to maintain and manage equipment faster than ever before
  • Predix allows easy backend integration with legacy systems and apps
  • Unlocking the data from all industry equipment and faders it will create robust opportunity for data analytics

Predix has only one challenge ahead of it and it is about becoming matured as a platform to grow with the demands of flexibility, scalability, and diversity.

  • What VOLANSYS can offer in Industrial Internet of Things?

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