Develop your Connected Apps using Azure and Xamarin

Develop your Connected Apps using Azure and Xamarin

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In an enterprise, there is a huge demand for fast remote asset management, secure data connectivity, almost zero response time and easier access to data. Such core competence can only be achieved with a cross-platform mobile application on the cloud and to achieve that, nothing serves better than developing the app using Xamarin and Azure Services.


  • Introduction

Enterprises today are on the constant hunt for growth, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, real-time analytics & decision making. They are looking for connected enterprise strategy to stay ahead in the competition. Native, Hybrid Mobile Applications provide best performance output and user Experience. Developing such kind of mobile app needs intensive effort and time as distinctive programming is required on each platform like Objective-C for iOS, C# for Windows and JAVA for Android. Using Xamarin as a platform only by using C# to develop a mobile app, you can deploy iOS, Android, and Windows. To go live with the planned Enterprise Mobility Strategy, Azure Mobile Service can be used to integrate. Azure Mobile Service helps to speed up the application development process and it eliminated the efforts for cross-platform development. This helps enterprises to achieve easier accessibility to enterprise data.

  • Challenges & Solutions

Native Mobile App is the requirement of the innovative enterprises to stay in the competition, but cross-platform native applications require great effort and time. Enterprises are also looking for connected enterprise strategies to stay ahead. Xamarin mobile app development is being leveraged to create Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps. Xamarin lets you develop a mobile app in C# and install it on Android, iOS, Windows environment in Java, Objective-C, C# respectively. The key challenges for a successfully connected enterprise are the integration with existing IT assets, anytime, anywhere secure data access, and remote asset connectivity. The Enterprise Mobility platform is the answer to solving the challenge and it demands robust framework, Cloud Integrations protocol and application incorporation. Xamarin is helping to implement the strategy with 100% code reuse along with nearly zero response time and secure data connectivity. Next, Microsoft’s Azure Mobile service is used to consolidate Active directory, to integrate with the database, social media and to sync offline features. It helps to speed up the app development process.

  • Conclusion

This combination of Xamarin and Azure Mobile service has helped the enterprises to speed up the development time and to make robust mobile application with economic cost. The time taken in the deployment of these native apps has been reduced to days/weeks for months otherwise and it has helped enterprises to earn visible benefits.


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