Design Validation and Compliance Testing

Ensuring robust products through comprehensive DVT

Design validation is an integral part of the product development cycle, and it ensures that the product meets the outlined specifications. The financial impact of a chip failure is enormous due to the high cost of re-spins and delayed tape-out, which can result in creating a massive competitive disadvantage. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure high quality design validation.

At VOLANSYS, we perform design validation and compliance (conformance) testing for individual components of the product. This allows us to ensure that the product meets customer guidelines.

Design Validation and Compliance Testing

By combining the design validation and compliance testing with agile methodology, VOLANSYS ensures that it meets the both, customer’s pre-defined as well as dynamic product development requirements.

Compliance testing plays an important role in launching products that adhere to specified standards and regulations. With documented processes and detailed compliance testing, products designed by VOLANSYS smoothly pass these tests and enable customers to easily launch their products in the market within the specified time.


Software unit verification and system testing as per IEC 62304
Risk management of medical devices as per ISO 14971:2012
Expertise in regulatory standards - IEC 60601-1/2/6, IEC 62304, 510K and ISO 13485