Buddy Platform – Let’s Design Your Connected Applications

Buddy Platform – Let’s Design Your Connected Applications

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Billions of devices are getting connected to Internet of Things (IoT) and suddenly the businesses that traditionally were not involved with the data processing game are centered around the wave of IoT. IoT helps organizations to monitor and control the key asset, remotely and the collected data can be efficiently used to build a strong business core. Further, many companies that generate device data are not technology oriented, although they have built great technologies into their product they are unprepared to handle big data. Buddy Platform is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to quickly capture, store and use the data gathered from various devices.


Buddy works by hosting a series of regional data centers to which multiple devices can send unprocessed, unstructured, raw or structured telemetry data. Here the device firmware is coded with lucid lines of code and with no specialized firmware the data gets collected.  It provides solutions to multiple customers of varied fields such as aviation, automotive (connected cars), retail, connected home, consumer electronics, embedded silicon manufacturers of white goods, light bulbs, farming, and mining equipment. Connected application data offer distinctive insights across a variety of industries with their own sets of data formats & business tools. Buddy has made it possible to collect and process data from devices around the globe and to manage and host the data, adhering to privacy and sovereignty rules and regulation.

What are the Trends?

IoT has definitely changed the way companies perform services and support along with the way they used the information to provide new features. Several companies are at the forefront of the “big data” curve where they have just started to collect and analyze data and support the one-to-one marketing campaign that can predict a lot. Buddy collect, transmits and processes the data in a safe, efficient and privy way. It filters the incoming data and it can be randomized whether it’s statistically relevant, can discard any irrelevant information and can be routed to separate departments of the customers.

The instance of Buddy can be run on any public/private cloud. Buddy, can store data at 5 locations throughout the worlds and in fact, Buddy can be layered on top of any virtual IaaS infrastructure. Buddy, can also provide integration with a popular business applications like Salesforce, Slunk, Tableau, and SAP or raw APIs can be plugged into any  M2M (machine-to-machine) scenario. In addition to its REST API, Buddy offers SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript, and NET. Thus, the APIs can push notifications to the mobile applications on Windows, Android or iOS and can also manage the connected applications. The support provided by Buddy Platforms helps to understand the customers better. The pricing trend of Buddy platform is very straightforward. They charge a monthly fee for the incoming data for which the storage is consumed.


The buddy platform provides an easy way for the companies of the various sector to take a step into IoT.  As it is lightweight, it is easy to implement. With a few lines of code into the decision, the data can be collected, filtered and displayed with virtually no overhead or agent.  It also gives the privilege to choose where to store the data, whether public or private cloud along with filters to retrieve only relevant data. The worldwide established centers of buddy platform assure the privacy of the data and comply with international privacy to protect the sensitive information. These features have helped Buddy Platform to stand out amongst its other competitors.

How can  VOLANSYS help?

VOLANSYS has gained massive popularity due to its capability to turn ideas into applications and with their designing of connected applications. Our cloud experts can build cloud application solution which analyses, structure, process, transform and generate customized reports based on big data. Our expert developers have developed end-to-end mobility solutions and services in the sector of Healthcare, Business, Education, Utility & Enterprise Industries around the world. Along with embedded domain our unique service proficiency in the area of IoT, M2M, Wearable Devices, UC, Gaming Augmentation have ensured and enhanced the experience of our users. Also, VOLANSYS can help in migrating your application to Buddy platform.

Have a question? Our team can show you how to get the most out of the platform call us on +1 510 358 4310 or drop us an email at business@volansys.com


About Author: Kalpesh Balar

Kalpesh works with VOLANSYS Technologies as Project Manager and looks after cloud and mobility divisions. Kalpesh has a wide range of product development experience that brings greater value to our clients to implement their one-stop solution. You can connect with him on LinkedIn balarkalpesh