Automate Mobile Acceptance Testing using Calabash

Automate Mobile Acceptance Testing using Calabash

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The universe of Mobile Applications and its usage is on relentless expansion from a mere informative interface to heavy content management to 3D entertainment to dive into Internet of Things. Features and Functionalities are constantly evolving as advancement continues in Mobile Operating Systems, notably in Android and iOS. With such pace, Operating Systems Owners and Application Development Organizations would like to ensure Quality as the uncompromised virtue.

Gone are the days of manual testing, which was a time-consuming and costly affair in the times where agile development practices are becoming a norm. Automation is expected at every stage of the project and no different for Quality of Mobile Applications. Interestingly, there are several tools available to serve the objective of automation for quality and with reliable accuracy. To name a few are MonkeyTalk, Calabash, Robotium, Selendroid, and Frank. Out of these, a suitable tool would require to support platform independence, ability to run tests on actual devices, continuous framework updates, and ease of developing automated scripts, where Calabash is a fittingly wonder.



Calabash is an Open Source, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) style acceptance testing framework that gives cross-platform support by providing separate libraries for both Android & iOS. It allows you to test any native and hybrid Android or iOS App. It supports Cucumber which enables to state the behavior of an app in the natural English language.

Cucumber tests are written as a list of statements which outlines a number of test case scenarios. All the statements in cucumber are defined using Ruby language. The actual tests are written in Gherkin, backed with Ruby code. Gherkin is a set of grammar rules that allows specifying the behavior in any natural language, which can then be parsed and executed by Cucumber framework.

With Calabash the implementation of simple gestures like – swipe down, button-clicks, go back etc. is easy and it takes screenshots whenever something goes wrong in the app.

Trends, Challenges, and Solutions:

Calabash being an open source and the people unfamiliar with the programming language finding it user-friendly has caught the attention of many.

Previously the challenges faced in acceptance testing were the time-consuming manual procedure, Platform dependency in case of Automated Testing, as well as the need of an external device and others. All this has been resolved with Calabash as it does Mobile application testing automatically using BDD approach. BDD helps to make sure that the software is rightly made with the perspective of the business owner. The features that make BDD technique powerful is the development of common & rigorous language due to which the misinterpretation can be avoided during the app development.

Calabash gives lucid documentation of how the flow should be and it also helps to recognize if any newly developed functionality is causing trouble to the existing functionality. To cover more devices Calabash test can be made to run in Cloud on real devices without buying all the devices in the market. It helps to build high-quality software with rigorous testing within the minimum time span.


Summing up all the pros and cons of Calabash, it can be said that due to its platform independence and user-friendly method of testing, it is being widely used by the industries, with reduced effort in development and increased reusability.  Test scenarios are written in Cucumber, which is like a simple conversation in English and capabilities of running tests on actual application and simulated interface, both are seamless offering.


VOLANSYS have multiyear experience in developing Mobile Applications and Connected Applications, therefore have adopted Calabash framework for all of its need for automated testing, to provide error free, optimal service to our clients in a timely manner. VOLANSYS believes in building solutions from advanced technologies and being an innovator it demands refined and accurate work of engineering prowess.

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