Augmented Reality Driving Internet of Things

Augmented Reality Driving Internet of Things

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We all know that Internet of Things is no longer a buzzword in tech circles. It is the most staggering reality of recent future. There are projections that the number of connected devices will reach 25 billion by the time we reach 2020. Almost any environment, including the cars, public transport, public places, roads, restaurants, and workplaces will have loads of connected devices and interfaces producing immeasurable volumes of data. So in the short time to come, the connectivity and data are going to reign over human civilization. But what augmented reality has to do with all these?

To your surprise, augmented reality will actually become the silent trigger puller for IoT devices and interfaces. Let us explain this with some real life examples. Thanks to augmented reality, the division line between the digital and real life interactions has already been blurred in many apps and interfaces. Augmented reality also paved the remote interaction with things through a mobile device.


  • How augmented reality will push the Internet of Things?

There have been significant Augmented Reality applications consumers take advantage of Google and Apple mobile platforms, either they use the existing mobile platforms or using third party wearable hardware like Wearable glasses. In the time to come thanks to prototypes made with augmented reality technology, workers in a factory will be able to procure skills and deliver faster than ever before. With augmented reality apps retail shops will produce a perfect shopping experience in the customer’s place. With augmented reality leveraged through apps and devices, there will be a bigger push for the connected environment of Internet of Things.

AR will continue to boost the effectiveness of Internet of Things in more ways than one. For instance, the engineers of the future will be benefited from the connected virtual gauges that can help the operators maintaining the temperature of an engine. With AR capable apps connecting a vehicle, the maintenance task can be remotely observed while the connectivity through an IoT-based engine or other parts will help to send real-time instructions. This is just one example of how AR capable devices and apps can help to push the boundary of the IoT in different environments.

  • It will be a different environment altogether

With IoT-powered connected devices and interfaces becoming common across all facets of life, the same devices and interfaces will give more power to users with Augmented Reality apps. In an IoT led environment, end users will only need to adapt to rich real-life interactive AR apps to make his experience better, richer and easier. For example, in a connected home environment, an AR-enabled camera besides controlling gadgets can also transmit real-time video footage of the home when you are away from the house. Thus the possibilities of interaction between IoT environment and AR applications will continue to unfold new opportunities.

  • How can VOLANSYS help you bring the power of augmented reality in IoT products?

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About Author: Hardik Patel