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End-to-End Testing for IoT Eco System and Importance of Multistage Validation

The internet of things (IoT) is an intelligent technology between the real and the digital world. It is a system of interconnected devices which have the ability to collect and…

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VOLANSYS to exhibit at CES 2019

VOLANSYS, a pioneering IoT system integration company, is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at CES 2019, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show for its…

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Connecting Zigbee and BLE Devices to AWS IoT Platform using Gateway Solution

Real-life IoT implementations involves millions of devices having different hardware platforms and wireless connectivity protocols deployed at hundreds of locations. At that scale, treating each device individually is close to…

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Accelerated GUI development with Linux Qt

The cutting-edge medical devices need advancement in the User Interface(UI) to ease the access to real-time applications. Millennials working in the healthcare industry are not familiar with complex screen flow.…

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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence: A Letter from Our CEO

Today is VOLANSYS’ 10th Anniversary. Yes – we embarked upon this exciting journey on 8th October 2008. The stirring from stat-up to scale-up demands celebration. We were not sure ‘how’ things…