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January 2017

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Successful HomeBridge Launch at CES 2017 Strengthens VOLANSYS’ lead to Provide smart, Connected IoT Solutions

CES®, the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity, has been the launch pad for next-generation technology solutions that have changed the world. CES® 2017 convened more than 3,800 exhibiting…

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Top 10 Mobile Testing Tools You Should Know

Today, organizations have to consider various factors while developing a mobile application to make it commercially successful. It needs to provide flawless and personalized user experience. In the last few…

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Modular Edge Node Platform User Guide

Modular Edge Node Platform is an advanced multi-module compatible end node, with mikroBUS™ standard compliant headers, named as – “Modular Edge Node Platform”, targeted for multiple use cases in various…

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How to Achieve Continuous Software Delivery Using DevOps Tools and Methodologies

Acceptance of Agile methodologies has increased in the organization to enhance the delivery of software. Initially, it started in the development organization and then expanded its territories, namely in IT…

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Python in Cloud Test Automation

Programming for testing requires a different approach than programming to develop an application. If you want an easy and stripped off language specifically for test coding, Python comes as a…