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October 2016

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Intelligent Pillbox – A Smart way to take Medicines

Isn’t it frustrating to forget things which are of utmost importance to us? We understand your concern. Taking pills might not appear on your to-do list with an “Imp.” tag,…

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Importance of Negative Testing in Software Quality Assurance

Our life revolves around software’s. From hospital’s ICUs to the billing desk at shops and from the airplane’s cockpit to computer desks of academicians and scientists they are everywhere. Such…

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Enabling High Performance Computing on Embedded Systems

WHY IS IT EXCITING ? Ever imagined travelling the world with JARVIS by your side? Things could be so much simpler, so much fun and so much more peaceful! Just…

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How Advanced Sensor Fusion Technology is Transforming Smart House & Smart Transportation

Teamwork creates higher quality outcomes that are more efficient and more effective. Teamwork is beneficial not only in the human world, but also in the world of sensors. As the…

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VOLANSYS to launch Thread & ZigBee Ready Modular Gateway Reference Design at IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA, Oct 11, 2016 VOLANSYS Technologies with a strong reputation for its innovative approaches in the emerging space for IoT solutions and applications, announced today that they will…